“Sean, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how satisfied we are with the recent part CD you prepared for us. It is word and note accurate as well as nicely produced. However, I am most impressed by the time you spent giving thought to the song and preparing it with some interpretation and emotion. This will make the song much easier to learn and more impactful when performed by our guys. Thanks so much for your help. I look forward to working with you again.”  Byron Myers II – Director, American Barberboys

“A primary problem faced by musical directors everywhere is the difficulty of teaching musical parts to singers whose reading abilities vary from quite good to not at all. It has become common practice for quartets and choruses to secure four-part learning tapes with songs presented in a generally stiff, but technically correct presentation of the arrangements for study by the singers. Though learning tapes certainly help in the process, they tend to lock the singers in to an uninspired rendition of songs that the director then has to overcome as the songs are rehearsed for performance. Sean Milligan, barbershopper, international quartet medalist, director, and coach produces learning tapes singing all four parts quite effectively. With the feel of a successful quartet singer Sean, in consultation with the director presents the songs with musical flow and appropriate interpretive elements, thus giving singers a sense of the song while they learn the basics. Bottom line…there’s nothing to unlearn. You might want to try it. It could make your directing life a little easier.”  Glenn Van Tassell — Quartet Gold Medalist; Auto-Towners (1966) and Gentleman’s Agreement (1971)

“Sean, I thought you should know – the overwhelming consensus is that your learning CD’s are the finest things they have had since sliced bread (and you can imagine that sliced bread is a big thing here in South Dakota…there isn’t much to get excited about here!) One of the music team members even went so far as to say he would like to have it just for a listening CD. To a man they are having a hard time understanding that one person could make a recording that good. Thank you again for making this learning device available. We will be using you and your service again in the future. It is totally awesome.  John Elving — Director, Shrine of Democracy Chorus (Rapid City, SD)

“I could not have asked for a better result with Sean’s learning tapes. In a little over 4 weeks, Sean produced MP3 files for 4 moderately difficult songs, with the interpretation I requested and a sensitivity to musicality that far exceeded my expectations. I was able to download the MP3s to my hard drive and burn my own master CDs, from which I made master tapes. Thus, my chorus members now have the option of a CD or a tape! The production values are very high — each cut, whether it be the “mix”, “part predominant” or “part missing”, is crystal clear. There’s no way we could have created this product for ourselves — not with this quality, not in this timeframe, not for this price! You cannot go wrong with Learning-tapes.com — I give it two “thumbs up!” Brent Graham — Director, City of Lakes SAI Chorus (Minneapolis, MN)