Existing Songs

Click the link below to view a list of my existing recordings:

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Please Read

You must, must, MUST have the arranger’s permission to sing his/her arrangement before I can release the learning tapes to you.  Arrangers work very hard on the pieces they produce, and should be rewarded for that work.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The list is in the Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF).  Visit Adobe.com to download the free program from Adobe.


On some of the existing recordings, you may hear things that don’t match the sheet music.  There are one of two possibilities for the differences:

  1. I made a mistake
  2. The group that contracted me to make the recording note or chord changes to better suit the needs of their voices.

In either case, I cannot go back and fix these instances before I deliver one of the existing songs in my library.  In all cases, you should let the sheet music rule, unless you decide that any intentional changes can work for your group as well.