The Product/Pricing

What you get

I produce a total of 9 tracks for each standard four-part song:

  • Full Mix (1) – all voices mixed together so that you can hear how each part blends with the other.
  • Part Predominant Mix (4) – each specific part, panned to the left side, and predominant in comparison to all other parts.  This mix is produced for each individual part and allows the singer to isolate and focus on learning their part.
  • Part Missing (4) – the full mix, minus the specific part.  This mix is produced for each individual part, and allows the singer to “sing along” with the group on the recording.

What they cost

Please reference the following price list for my learning recordings:

New songs

Single Songs - $175

Medleys (2 songs) – $225*

Existing Songs

Already Recorded - $75

*Prices for medleys containing more than two songs will be negotiated prior to recording.


The easiest and most efficient method of delivery for the recordings is through download.  Files are delivered in mp3 format and can be easily written to a compact disc on your computer.  This requires a high speed internet connection (cable, DSL, etc.).  I no longer send compact discs through the mail.